Step over the threshold and open the third eye to find the visual map. 

Perceive beyond the norm and use potential energy as strata of mental overlay. 

Relinquish judgement and see what might be.

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Closing The Circle

The unexpected links that bridge time and place. Open the door and climb into the dark. You have to find your position to see the beauty revealed. Take time to savour. When you are ready open the door again and come back to the light. Relish the physical change of space and the mental shift of position. Physically these paintings consist of many layers and films of pigment and paint. They are worked and reworked and excavated producing a tactile, rich, and resonant surface that bears testimony to the evolutionary process.

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Iceland. March. Barren. Tired snow after an endless winter. Then unexpectedly a fresh fall. Bleached and sharp and clear over the dampened layer before. And below - ice, deep translucent blue where the light can penetrate. Lifeless except when the heat and fire penetrate upwards in a burst of stream. Deep fissures and the gorge of two tectonic plates. A land of flat landscapes and high rise lava mountains. Iceland.

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West Cork – rugged, rare, and remote. Inlets and coves awash with rock formations and plant life and the sea, always the sea, crashing and crushing against rock or lapping on shale shores. Unpredictable weather; the clouds and the rain and the sun all mingling together in the interminable sky. Colour and mark must be vibrant yet subtle, sympathetic yet bold. Form must shift and blur like the landscape itself.

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Passion, combustion, flame which cannot burn with air. This is the alchemy of oxygen, nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. Unbleached titanium for hope, combined with cadmiums and red oxide for power, then lamp black and paynes grey for the dust. Can I create clinker black? There must be energy in the form but also space to escape. The image must not consume entirely.

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Like nowhere you will ever find these spaces live just beyond the imagination, in the realms of semi consciousness. You know you’ve seen them before but you can’t quite remember where or when. Let go and it will come back to you, see if you are able to catch the memory. Hold it and breath.